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Limitations Of The Resistive Screen

Huizhou U-Touch Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

Both four-wire resistive touch screen is five-wire resistive touch screen, which is a completely isolated environment, not afraid of dust and vapor, it can use any object to touch, can be used to write, paint, more suitable for industrial control and limited human use within the Office. Common faults of resistive touch screen is because composite film outer layer made of plastic material, people who do not know too hard or use a sharp touch can scratch the whole touch screen and lead scrap. However, within the limits, scratching will only hurt the outer conductive layer, outer conductive layer scratched for five-wire resistive touch screen, it doesn't matter, for four-wire resistive touch screen, which is fatal.

Performance characteristics

1,which is a completely isolated environment, not afraid of dirt, water and oil;

2,any object can be used to touch, and can be used to write, draw, and this is their big advantage;

3,resistive touch screen accuracy depends on the accuracy of the a/d converter, can easily reach 4096*4096 • comparison, five-wire resistive than the four-wire resistance guarantee accuracy is also superior to costs, so the price is very high.

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