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Interactive whiteboard products

Huizhou U-Touch Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

The electronic induction whiteboard (White Board) and the Whiteboard operating system software integration. Its core components consist of electronic sensing Board, composed of sensors, computers and projectors. Electronic induction Whiteboard is a normal Blackboard size, work in computer software and hardware support of the sensor screen, it acts as a computer monitor instead of Blackboard. Electronic pen to take both Whiteboard pen and computer mouse function, which replaces the traditional chalk. Teachers or students directly with the sensor operates on a White Board (equivalent of traditional teachers and students in teaching on the Blackboard with chalk): write or call for various software and feedback to your computer and quickly by electromagnetic induction through a projector onto the Whiteboard. Whiteboard operating system is present on your computer, a software platform, which not only support information exchange with whiteboards, computers, projectors, and it also comes with a powerful subject material libraries and resource tools and intelligent platform is compatible with all software, teachers can feel free to call various materials on the whiteboard or application software instruction. Combines the traditional Blackboard a whiteboard, computer, projector and other functions all in one, make it very easy to use for teachers.

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